Christ's Reformed Church

 United Church of Christ

130 W. Franklin St.

Hagerstown, MD

Youth retreat 2022 - 2
Gardeners for side garden 2022

Our Vision for 2024!

Growing people of faith who live in Jesus, love one another, and bear abundant fruit

We live in Jesus… by growing deeper lives of whole-hearted faithfulness to the gospel that are characterized by:
Passionate worship (to the praise of God’s glory) ~
Worship is ‘ascribing to God the glory due his name’ (Ps. 96), therefore our worship is centered upon the declaration that “Jesus is Lord,” and the expectation that through a radical hospitality to God we will experience the purpose, presence and power of God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Intentional spiritual formation (into Christ-likeness) ~ 
All followers of Christ are called to become ‘mature in Christ,’ therefore we will seek to become more Christ-like in our character and lifestyles.

We Love One Another… (and all others) by cultivating Extravagant welcome (for all) ~ 
The image of God is in everyone, therefore we will welcome and accept everyone because of their inherent dignity and worth as image-bearers of God.

Vibrant relationships (within the body of Christ) ~ 
As followers of Christ we are called to become a ‘community in Christ, walking together with Christ,’ therefore we will intentionally nurture a congregational culture of deep-spirited friendship with each other and God.

We Bear Abundant Fruit…that renews our city and world by embodying
Abundant giving (that is self-sacrificing) ~ 
The gospel good news that has been given to us has the power to make all things new, therefore we will wholeheartedly and faithfully ‘live in the name of Jesus,’ giving our lives, resources and talents to prosper the creative and redemptive work of the Kingdom of God both locally and globally.

Risk-taking service (with our gifts) ~ 
All followers of Christ are called to serve as he served, therefore we will love and serve all others with acts of creative goodness that promote justice, create beauty and make peace.

~ Growing people of faith who live in Jesus, love one another and bear abundant fruit ~

Mission Statement

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