Christ's Reformed Church

 United Church of Christ

130 W. Franklin St.

Hagerstown, MD

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Christ's Reformed Church seeks to practice giving at many levels. In addition to titles which fund the church and it's activities, CRC gives back to the community in many ways.


As we are transformed by God’s love, we live with a natural desire to give. Offerings can take the form of time, fruits of the Spirit, and financial resources. What makes giving so special is because it is a way that we can show God how much we appreciate what we have been given. Our offerings also work to connect us to our church, our community, and the world. When it feels like there is nothing we can do to help, by thinking of our faith as an offering, we realize we have more to give than we thought.


CRC collects money through it's offering envelopes and checks can always be mailed to the church.  In addition, we collect food items for Micah's Backpack and each month, we collect spare change for Change for Change - a program that passes along the collected funds to a different local non-profit. This concept was begun by our youth. Throughout the year, members bring other local fundraisers to our attention and we support as many of those as possible.


Of course, every church counts on its volunteers to help with church services and the leadership of the church.  In addition, our youth have traveled to serve other communities and many of our adults volunteer throughout the community, including but not limited to, Aspiring to Serve, HARC and Reach. 


For more information about giving and volunteering, please contact us.

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